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Dangers of Hot Work – New Chemical Safety Board Video

Hot work is welding, cutting or grinding done near flammable vapors.  Some companies require hot work permits any time hot work is done outside a welding bay.  The Chemical Safety Board (CSB) released a new video on hot work, focusing … Continue reading

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It’s about the employee

I was talking to a client today about things employees do without thinking–like having a container of solvent in a welding area (or welding in a spray painting area).  The employer pointed out to the employee that if there is … Continue reading

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Preventing Eye Injuries when Welding

OSHA has published a new fact sheet on eye protection during welding operations in the shipyard industry, but it really applies to any industry.  Here is the OSHA news release and a link to the fact sheet (which has useful … Continue reading

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Dangers of Hot Work

The Chemical Safety Board, “an independent agency investigating chemical accidents to protect workers, the public and the the environment” recently released a new video on the dangers of hot work .  Along with being a good reminder about general safety … Continue reading

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