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Effective safety training is such a critical part of your overall safety and health program that OSHA often cites employers who do not provide it. Effective safety training, addressing the real-world exposures and hazards on the job, is known to help prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. Employees who work with chemicals, those who use personal protective equipment, who work with medical devices, use forklifts, enter trenches …all must have appropriate safety training. If you want a safe workplace, your employees need to know the hazards to which they are exposed and must know what protective measures they need to take against those hazards.

Carol Keyes does the OSHA-required competency evaluation for a forklift operator.CHESS safety training professionals provide in-person safety training, at your facility, and focusing on the work your employees do. We will help you determine which employees need what type of safety training, ranging from annual Right to Know or bloodborne pathogen training to safety training for supervisory staff. We’ll develop training calendars for you, so you don’t need to remember who needs what safety training when. We’ll even remind you when your training is due.

Too often safety training consists of talking head lectures. Not with CHESS. Our training engages your employees, inviting their participation. Whether it’s first time training or refresher training programs, we involve and engage the employees to expand their knowledge base. For annual refresher training, we change our teaching approach each year, so the information remains fresh and pertinent.

These are our most popular safety training topics (but not the only ones we can provide):

  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Confined space entry
  • Employee Right to Know / Hazard Communication
  • Fire safety and fire extinguisher use
  • First aid / CPR / AED
  • Forklifts / Powered Industrial Trucks (classroom training and competency evaluations)
  • General safety / Find-a-hazard
  • Hazardous waste handling
  • Respirators (typically done with respirator fit testing)
  • Trenching and excavations
  • Lockout/tagout (for affected and authorized employees)
  • Personal Protective Equipment

With our safety flash cards and our training guides, we can make it easy for you or your supervisors to provide mandatory initial and ongoing safety training to your own employees – a cost – and time-effective way to train.

Because training in small doses, repeated often, can be a more effective use of time and resources than shutting down work for hours once a year, we can provide you with our safety flash cards, an easy way for supervisors to train their employees. And to give new employees essential safety training before they start, we have customized training guides and new employee checklists.

We can also train your people to train your employees – train the trainer classes. We’ve taught clients how to do their own forklift evaluations and their own respirator fit testing. That ends up saving you money.

In addition to employee training, CHESS offers customized seminars to meet the needs of associations and common interest groups. Past topics have covered what to expect in an OSHA inspection, hazardous materials transport and security, writing your own AWAIR / I2P2 safety and health program, and handling injuries/workers compensation case management. Call or email us for more information about our seminars.

Additional Employee Training Topics:

  • Accident, injury investigation
  • AWAIR (A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction program)
  • Building Inspections (Find a Hazard)
  • Chain saw safety
  • Chlorine hazards and safe handling
  • Contingency, emergency plans
  • Cranes and hoists
  • Defensive driving
  • DOT inspections, changes in regulations
  • Electrical safety
  • Fall protection
  • Flammable materials use
  • Hand tools & power tools
  • Hazardous material security
  • Heat/cold exposure
  • Ladder use
  • Machine guarding
  • Noise/hearing conservation
  • Power lift, aerial lift truck, man lift-maintenance cage
  • Seasonal employee training
  • Violence prevention/personal safety
  • Welding, compressed gases
  • Work Zone Safety
  • Working around earth moving equipment
  • 10-hour or 30-hour OSHA courses
  • Ergonomics training-body mechanics-injury prevention (office and non-office)

The CHESS team of professionals serve clients in many areas including the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

Read about our safety services case studies to learn how we have helped our clients.

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