Right to Know (Hazard Communication) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Employees need to be trained and provided with information on the hazards of the chemicals they work with. Lack of training and information, required under Minnesota’s Right to Know law and federal OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, is cited more than any other OSHA standard.

Janet Keyes providing Right to Know training to technicians, covering noise hazards.The CHESS team of safety, health, and environmental compliance professionals, headed by our Certified Industrial Hygienist, can:

  • Identify the chemical and physical (noise, heat, radiation) exposures your employees have, so you know whether you are covered under the Minnesota Employee Right to Know law or the federal Hazard Communication Standard.
  • Provide Right to Know / Hazard Communication training to your employees, giving them the knowledge they need to work safely with those materials.
  • Provide refresher training, customized to your employees’ abilities, knowledge, and exposures…and not the same each year (In Minnesota, training is required every year). We’ll even remind you when the training is due.
  • Train new employees before they have exposure to hazards. We provide the means, through our Right to Know training guides, for you to train your new employees.
  • Develop the required written program. We work with you to determine how you will comply with the Minnesota Right to Know law or federal OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, and then we write the program that lays out what you’ve agreed to.
  • Help you manage yourSafety Data Sheets (SDSs). You are required to have SDSs for nearly all the chemicals with which your employees work, but making sure you have them and that they’re up to date can be a logistical nightmare. We can help you implement a paper or electronic SDS management system to stay on top of this. Or you can use our SDS Links service to provide your employees with safety data sheets that are readily accessible and up to date.

The CHESS team of professionals serves clients in many areas including the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

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