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Where to Find Us Feb. 25, 2020:

Janet Keyes will be presenting at the American Society of Safety Professionals Northwest Chapter (ASSP-Northwest) professional development conference (PDC) on February 25. Janet will be talking about Focus 4 for Health at 9:45 am. Focus 4 for Health in an industrial hygiene initiative to address four primary health concerns in construction: noise, manual material handling, air contaminants and high temperatures. For registration and more information, go to the ASSP Northwest website.

Carol Keyes will also be presenting at the ASSP-Northwest PDC. She is partnering with James Krueger, the Director of Minnesota OSHA, to talk about preparing for the unexpected: OSHA inspections post fatality.


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Products 2020

CHESS offers two products by subscription:

Safety Reminders: Monthly safety reminders that keep safety in front of employees. Electronic or printed, these can be handed out to employees, put up as a safety poster on a bulletin board or intranet, or used in a safety meeting.

SDSLinks: For companies in the automotive industry (automotive collision and mechanical repair), we have an online safety data sheet management system. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for pricing and more information.

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