SDS Links

SDS Links provides quick access to manufacturers’ safety data sheets.You need to have safety data sheets available for nearly all of the hazardous chemicals in your shop…but that could be hundreds of different chemicals.

Manufacturers or suppliers are supposed to send you safety data sheets for products you use…but often do not.

Data sheets are updated often, and you need to keep the most current safety data sheet provided to you on hand…but even if the supplier sends it to you, that means your time in checking the SDS date, removing the old one, replacing the new one (and all that for a change that may be minor).

Employees need to be able to read the SDSs if they have questions about any products…but that means they need to be able to find the right data sheet.

We have a better way.

SDS Links provides a quick link to the websites of the manufacturers you use, to the specific pages from which you can access their most current safety data sheets. SDS Links is an easy to use SDS management system that can save you time and money.

And as computers with Internet accessibility have become common in the workplace, this provides your workers with an easy to use way to read those safety data sheets. Computer-savvy workers can even use SDS Links at home.

And we provide more information for workers. We provide a link to several respected and easy to understand chemical guides, the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemicals and the International Chemical Safety Cards from NIOSH and the World Health Organization.

Take a look at the SDS Links demo to see how it works. SDS Links users, log into SDS Links here.

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