Saving You Money

Vehicle hoist bought with OSHA grant money.Cost is a concern for every business, whether small or large. Companies need to be efficient without sacrificing quality or safety. Large and small businesses need to do more with less, but they often overlook the opportunities for cost savings through safety. Not only does CHESS help you manage your potential costs from injuries, we will help you save money. We can do that, in part, through:

  • MSDS Links (online MSDS management system)
  • OSHA Workplace Consultation safety grants (we’ve obtained over $750,000 for clients, for safety improvement projects ranging from exit lights to vehicle lifts)
  • Preventive maintenance: monthly building inspections
  • Recommendations for “green” business practices
  • Safety flash cards (monthly safety talks and safety reminders)
  • Waste reduction

Handling paper takes time…and time is money.

  • Our MSDS Links material safety data sheet management service saves you the time of sorting through and trying to keep material safety data sheets current and complete.
  • Our monthly building inspection checklists and reminders keep your facility in safe condition. We send you the reminders and provide an inspection form designed for your facility. The monthly building inspection checklist is a tool you can use to stay on top of issues and identify concerns before they become problems. Think of it as a safety preventive maintenance program.
  • We can organize your safety and environmental compliance records, identifying what you need to keep and what you can recycle. You won’t need to find time to file that document or to search for it – we’ll make it easy to locate.
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