Regulatory Assistance

In today's busy workplace, many employers are worried about whether or not they are in compliance with regulatory agencies. The CHESS team of regulatory assistance professionals can help take the stress and anxiety out of compliance with safety, fire, and environmental regulations by working with you to prepare for an audit, supporting you in-person during an inspection, or in assisting with abatement after an inspection.

Repairing trucks requires compliance with OSHA, fire code, and EPA regulations.CHESS safety professionals can help you to better understand the OSHA inspection process, understand what OSHA looks for, and help you identify what OSHA wants and requires from employers like you. From compliance audits to pollution control, to fire and hazardous waste regulations, you can depend on CHESS to effectively assist you with OSHA and regulatory compliance standards in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, greater Minnesota, Milwaukee, and Wisconsin.

  • Compliance audits. Review of programs, records and facilities for compliance with OSHA standards, fire codes, and MPCA/EPA environmental regulations for hazardous waste, air quality, etc.
  • OSHA Inspection assistance. Assistance before a regulatory inspection to identify hazards and develop control measures, on-site representation during an inspection and support and guidance on follow-up measures, hazard abatement and contesting citations.
  • OSHA Recordkeeping. OSHA 300 log support, including answering general and specific questions, and maintenance recommendations.
  • Hazardous waste compliance. Identifying ways to reduce hazardous and solid waste, assistance with corrective actions and compliance, applying for Green Star Award through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and preparing the required annual waste management report.
  • Representation on-site during inspections and support in front of regulatory agencies.
  • Reporting. Help with annual hazardous waste and air quality permit reporting.
  • Regulation news. Updates on OSHA regulations that may affect your business.
  • SARA – Tier II reporting
  • Storm water permits
  • Environmental self-audits and Minnesota Green Star Facility applications
  • Fire code compliance and questions

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