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Safety Tip: Outdoor electrical safety

The weather is nice and people are doing more outdoors.  With that, we see electrical cords outdoors.  Here are a few outdoor electrical safety tips: Check the condition of the cord  before use.  Make sure the grounding prong is in … Continue reading

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Safety Tip: Electrical Safety

Anytime you work on equipment that has electricity going to it, you must use appropriate safety measures. That could be as simple as disconnecting the plug or shutting off the breaker. Make sure no one can accidentally start it up … Continue reading

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Don’t make life shocking: electrical safety

Electrical safety is important whether at home or at work.  NFPA Safety Source reminds us about a new electrical safety tip sheet: NFPA offers new electrical safety tip sheet Flipping a light switch. Plugging in a coffeemaker. Charging a laptop … Continue reading

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Grounding and Bonding

The following was from a recent NFPA  necplus newsbriefs Grounding and Bonding Revisions in the 2011 NEC® Michael Johnston Grounding and bonding requirements in the National Electrical Code® are not as difficult to understand as many tend to think. The … Continue reading

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Electrically safe condition

According the National Electrical Code/National Fire Protection Agency, the term “electrically safe work condition” was first introduced into the electrical code in 1995.  Deenergizing (locking and tagging out of service) any equipment or electrical systems is a fundamental requirement prior … Continue reading

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Safety Tip: Extension Cords

With the warm weather still upon us, more fans are being used, and there is greater need for power.  Extension cords should be unplugged at night, checked daily to make sure they are in good condition (not missing the grounding … Continue reading

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Safety Tip: Electrical safety

All electrical tools, equipment, appliances, etc, must be certified by a nationally recognized testing lab.  Always look for the UL or CSA symbol and certification.  If the equipment doesn’t have this, it may not meet minimum safety requirements. For more … Continue reading

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Tips for Safe Use of Space Heaters

Winter has clearly descended on Minnesota and with is the increased use of space heaters, both at work and at home.    Space heaters can be beneficial, but they are also a fire hazard.  Here are some tips on how to … Continue reading

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