OSHA Challenge being judged by Myth Busters

OSHA and the Department of Labor are looking for help in building tools to educate the public about workplace hazards and safety at work.  The panel of judges is an interesting and diverse group–

  • Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis
  • Secretary of Education Anne Duncan
  • Assistant Secretary David Michaels, OSHA,
  • John Howard, Director of National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)
  • Gina Trapani, Tech Entrepreneur and Host of This Week in Google
  • Brad Luedke, Safety Engineer for 3M Corporation
  • Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, co-hosts of the Discovery Channel show “Myth Busters”.

The challenge is:

…to use publicly available government information (i.e., DOL/OSHA data, NIOSH data, and other online government resources) to educate young workers on the safety and health risks in real work scenarios. Each submission should achieve both the following goals:

1.  Provide tools that demonstrate the importance of knowing about workplace safety and health hazards and

2.  To provide tools to understand their rights in the workplace.

For more information see this link.

The challenge ends this month, so hurry with your submissions!!

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