It’s about the employee

I was talking to a client today about things employees do without thinking–like having a container of solvent in a welding area (or welding in a spray painting area).  The employer pointed out to the employee that if there is an explosion, the business would survive.  He (the employer) isn’t going to be the one standing over the explosion–that would be the employee.  It is the employee who will need skin grafts for his face and will have to deal with the pain every day.

He makes an interesting point.  An employer is obligated to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards.  Employees should be trained on proper procedures and not to take a “little solvent” into a welding area.  And, the employer has to enforce that.

Employees have responsibilities as well:  to participate in training, to listen and follow the safety rules, to take a second to think before acting.

It is not the employer who is going to get hurt.  Maybe an occasional graphic explanation of the possible consequences will help drive home the point.

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