Environmental Stewardship

CHESS has always been committed to environmental stewardship. We don’t think we can save the world, but we do want to make our world a better place.

One of the ducks who recycles food waste for CHESS.We are committed to the principle of reduce/reuse/recycle for our clients and our office.

For our clients, we:

  • Reduce
    ○  Recommend less harmful chemicals and cleaning agents
    ○  Provide documents and records electronically
    ○  Recommend ways to use products more efficiently
    ○  Advise on more efficient technologies
    ○  Recommend energy saving strategies

  • Reuse
    ○  Find markets for still usable, but unneeded products
    ○  Recommend alternatives to disposal
    ○  Support purchase of used equipment where appropriate

  • Recycle
    ○  Set up recycling programs

We preach what we practice. We make a diligent practice of reducing, recycling and reusing paper, electronics, energy and water. Here's how we practice environmental responsibility:


  • We print on recycled paper
  • We print on both sides of the paper and reuse paper
  • We purchase used electronics (we have not purchased a new desktop computer in over a decade) 
  • We donate old electronics (cell phones, still-usable printers) when we can
  • We turn off lights when they aren't needed 
  • We set back our office thermostats and open the windows or put on sweaters
  • We carpool when we can
  • We have showers for employees who bike to work
  • We don't use bottled water
  • We use washable cups and plates, not paper
  • We have installed a rain garden and a rain barrel
  • We recycle paper, cans, bottles, plastic, and anything else we can 
  • We compost food waste or give it to the ducks (who recycle it into eggs for us)
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